VCE Tuition


As VCE students, we know that you face many pressures these days. Before you even get to years 11 and 12, you must choose your VCE subjects carefully, often with no more than a vague idea of your ultimate career choices. Then you face regular and demanding workloads in your SACs and assignments. And at the end of the two years, you must wait to see if you get into your preferred course of study and at your preferred tertiary institution.


Your role in years 11 and 12 is critical. You must help in whatever way you can. You must help to provide the “right” study environment at home. You need to provide encouragement and guidance as needed. You must work to ensure your student children have the self-confidence to perform at their best in all the various VCE testing situations. And you need to be aware of the value of tutoring.


The tutor can be a very supportive and stabilising influence on the VCE student. He or she is almost a mentor to the student. So, the tutor should be called in to assist early, not at the last minute. You know the sort of situation – deadline is Friday, help called for on Wednesday night. Professional tutoring is just not meant to meet that need.

So, we strongly recommend that VCE tutoring be planned before or at the start of the year (or term). Our VCE tuition does not come off the shelf. Our tutors will develop the “right” programme of extra tuition according to each student’s individual needs or weaknesses. This is most effective if a programme is developed to cover the entire year (or term), and it may require one or more sessions a week, or it may only need one session every say three weeks. Go to Subjects Tutored to read more about the subjects we can cover.

Consolidated Coaching Colleges tutors at the VCE level:

  • are qualified teachers,
  • are currently teaching or tutoring,
  • are experienced as tutors,
  • cover all VCE subjects and know the requirements,
  • are available in all suburbs of Melbourne
  • will work with the student at a time and place to suit the student,
  • can work one-on-one or with small groups of students

so that the students will derive maximum benefit from the tutoring.