Primary & Lower Secondary Tuition

These days, there is so much pressure on children to perform and achieve almost from the day they start school. Tutoring is an important element of assistance to parents. Tutoring – particularly one to one – by qualified and experienced teachers helps children at an early age to learn the feeling of achievement, and more importantly learn to enjoy it.

At the primary and lower secondary levels, tutoring is usually more in skills than in subjects. At these levels, tutoring is desirable to ensure the student has no gaps in the ground covered thus far at school. Typically, tutoring will focus on areas such as:

  • literacy (reading or spelling or expression)
  • numeracy (understanding the concepts of basic mathematics, eg, fractions, long divisions, problem solving) and that is why we have specialised maths tutors here in Melbourne
  • filling in the gaps which may have arisen due to changes in schools or due to illness

In working with children at these ages, tutors must have the sensitivity and patience to work at the student’s pace, where the student is most comfortable (usually at home), giving the student the best chance of benefiting from the tuition. Our teachers have the sensitivity and skill to work with the student (and parent, and if thought necessary, the class teacher also) to ensure the student develops in the right areas, at a suitable pace.

Our teachers are also skilled in providing “extension” work for students, to help keep the students focused, interested and to build their confidence. This is particularly important if scholarship preparation is being explored.

In addition to the sorts of tutoring outlined above, we have specialised teachers who can bring on students preparing for scholarship or other entrance exams. This is very much a special skill that focuses on:

  • exam technique including the very important skill of time management
  • problem solving
  • comprehension
  • essay planning and imaginative writing

Contact Consolidated Coaching Colleges to talk over your student’s needs in primary or lower secondary tutoring in Melbourne. Click here to read more about the subjects we can cover like English Tutoring, History Tutoring, etc and we also have specialised Maths Tutors.

Our tutoring (covering all suburbs of Melbourne) will build students’ abilities and confidence so that they can go into those later years of secondary school, especially VCE, well equipped to perform at their best.