Entrance Exams

Tutoring in Melbourne for Entrance Exams

Examinations to enable students to enter the armed forces or the police, and just as importantly to new secondary colleges, need proper preparation if students are to perform at their best and our services for tutoring in Melbourne do just that, help students perform at their best!

Lack of preparation for these exams, not lack of intelligence or knowledge, can make the difference between success and failure.

Preparing for entrance exams is a matter of fine-tuning the individual student, certainly not trying to cram many weeks of Maths or English or general knowledge tutoring into a 2 or 3 week period.

Remember that entrance exams call for abilities and skills that cannot be developed solely by routine learning from text books. Students need to think about what they have learnt and use it to deal with new situations. Then arrive at a solution. This ability must be developed over a period of time.

Preparation for entrance exams should commence at least a month before exam day. There is too much to cover satisfactorily in a shorter period. Most students prefer to have General Knowledge, Maths, and English tutoring normally for a longer period of time for these exams.

Tutoring typically covers such areas as:

  • exam technique including the very important skill of time management,
  • problem solving,
  • comprehension, and
  • essay planning and imaginative writing.

It is not simply a matter though of developing these abilities. Just as importantly, tutoring must build the student’s confidence in his/her own abilities.

Private tutors who excel in entrance exam preparation are quite a specialised talent. They have the ability to encourage the already bright student to understand – and enjoy – the experience of succeeding in the exam situation.

So, contact Consolidated Coaching Colleges to talk over entrance exam preparation. Our specialist tutors will be able to build your abilities and confidence, so that you can do your best in the exam. Our tutors understand the techniques and the extremely high standards required.

Finally, do not leave it to the last moment to arrange any additional help in the tutoring line – the very best tutors are always those who most quickly become fully booked. So if you are looking for an English or maths tutor in Melbourne or for any other entrance exam subject then please do contact us.