Scholarship Examinations

Scholarship examinations need proper preparation if students are to perform at their best and so we have personalised tutoring in Melbourne with specialised teachers. To this end, there is great value in personal tutoring, whether it be done by parents themselves or by our professional tutors in Melbourne.

New Tutors Wanted

Consolidated Coaching Colleges have been providing quality services through tutoring in Melbourne to primary, secondary and tertiary students for over 50 years. Consolidated has a large bank of qualified teachers on its staff, covering all disciplines and all areas of Melbourne.

Tutoring in Melbourne

Consolidated Coaching Colleges provides tutoring services throughout Melbourne and has been doing so for over 50 years. Consolidated has over 200 tutors available to help students, covering all disciplines like maths tutors to specialised English tutoring teachers and many to cover classes from primary to lower secondary to VCE levels.

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